201701 Modern Mythology: Luke Amram Knox & Grace Mikell Ramsey

201701 Modern Mythology: Luke Amram Knox & Grace Mikell Ramsey

February 10, 2017

Luke Amram Knox is a creator of modern myths. His amalgamations of disparate materials and disregard for traditional definitions of painting and sculpture recall the radical work of Robert Raushenberg in the 1950s. Knox is inspired by the idea that every human belief, including ancestral memory and experience, is somehow related. The mash-up of symbols in Luke’s work may initially overwhelm, but the viewer’s efforts to disentangle overlapping iconography parallel the artist’s attempts to make sense of a complex world. Knox lives and works in Northwest Arkansas, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

Sometime-Arkansan Grace Mikell Ramsey began classical training in oil painting when she was just thirteen years old. Ramsey’s work is detailed and precise, so rich in patterns and colors that it is easy to make visual connections to the early Renaissance images that inspire her. The subjects of Ramsey’s paintings often appear to know a secret that is beyond the viewer’s grasp. Imagining religious subjects in contemporary settings, Ramsey’s conceptual concerns mix the old and new, the magical and the mundane. Ramsey currently lives in Florida, where she is Visiting Assistant Professor of Studio Art at Stetson University. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Tulane University.


Lovely, Dark and Deep, Grace Mikell Ramsey

Detail of Ask Me About My New Dog(s), Luke Amram Knox

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Modern Mythology:  Luke Amram Knox & Grace Mikell Ramsey