201001 Viewfinding: Photography by Brian Cormack

201001 Viewfinding: Photography by Brian Cormack

January 8, 2010

January 8 through April 4, 2010
Second Floor Gallery
Free opening reception on January 8, 5 - 8 pm, in conjunction with downtown Little Rock's 2nd Friday Art Night

Falling Water Falls by Brian CormackBrian Cormack is a native and resident of North Little Rock whose photography includes Arkansas waterfalls and landscapes, as well as cityscapes captured at night. His work is evidence of the practice of watching and listening to the present moment with disciplined attention. The images he produces relay both the glory of the inanimate, and, conversely, the quiet stillness of the often lively characteristics of nature.

Cormack has been an active photographer for about 15 years, exhibiting in several local arenas. His work has been used as the feature art for the Little Rock Film Festival, as well as by the National Park Service. “Some [of the exhibited photos] were taken along grueling hiking trips through some of the most difficult terrain in the state,” says Cormack in his artist statement, and others, “from just a few blocks from where you’re standing now.” All of the 23 photographs were taken in Arkansas and relay his love of the state and its natural and manmade beauty.

Cormack's work will be available for purchase in the Museum Store.

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Viewfinding: Photography by Brian Cormack