201108 The J.V. Double: Jorge Villegas and Jim Volkert

201108 The J.V. Double: Jorge Villegas and Jim Volkert

August 12, 2011

Trinity Gallery for Arkansas Artists
August 12 through November 6, 2011
Opening reception on August 12, 5 - 8 pm, in conjunction with downtown Little Rock's 2nd Friday Art Night

This unexpected pairing features new figurative drawings by El Dorado artist Jorge Villegas with Conway artist Jim Volkert’s conceptual sculpture.

In his latest series, Villegas departs from earlier abstract works and explores portraiture, observing, “I realize with surprise how much I am taken with human beauty.” His deepest memories have always been visual, from his father’s hands to the beauty in his mother’s eyes. These works acknowledge this and reflect his sentiment, “Through the eye, love attains the heart.”

Volkert’s work is the natural result of his boyhood interest in hobby shops, his studio art training, his many years as a museum professional and his fascination with “the object” and its next level of engagement. Each work starts with a painting that has caught his eye become something new. “Some objects are machines that sit strangely at the cusp of pivotal art historical moments. Some are illogical extensions of the idea of the work,” he explains, “And some are simply referential bon-bons.”

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The J.V. Double: Jorge Villegas and Jim Volkert