201711 Natural Crafts: Fiber. Clay. Metal.

201711 Natural Crafts: Fiber. Clay. Metal.

Nov. 10, 2017


Natural Crafts: Fiber. Clay. Metal. features the works of Arkansas Arts Council 2017 Fellowship Recipients Sofia V. Gonzalez, Hannah May, and Kerrick Hartman.

Sofia V. Gonzalez is a visual artist and educator living and working in Little Rock. For the past two years, her studio practice has focused on learning about the environment of Central Arkansas. Working with the land, Gonzalez creates a rich local color palette to visualize her sense of place through textile, sculpture, and mixed media works.

Hannah May is a ceramics instructor at the Art Center of the Grand Prairie in Stuttgart. She discovered ceramics through her love of tea and her dreams of someday owning a tea shop. May is inspired by tea rituals from a variety of cultures, but none more than India for its Assam and Darjeeling teas, colorful aesthetics, and architectural adornments.

Kerrick Hartman of Stuttgart creates compact works of art: hand-made metal buckles. His designs incorporate a balance of line, form, movement, patina, and texture common to sculpture. Each unique buckle represents an opportunity to use traditional metalsmithing techniques to create a functional art object.

Natural Crafts continues in the Trinity Gallery for Arkansas Artists through February 4, 2018.

Images: You Ask Me Why I Dwell in the Mountain by Sofia V. Gonzalez; Wood fired stoneware teapot by Hannah May; Moon Dance by Kerrick Hartman

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Natural Crafts:  Fiber. Clay. Metal.