200708 Media Gratification

200708 Media Gratification

August 6, 2007

The Works of Don Marr, Barbara Cade and Fran Otten

August 9 through November 11, 2007
Trinity Gallery for Arkansas Artists
Free opening reception on August 10, 5-8 pm, in conjunction with downtown’s 2nd Friday Art Night

This trio of artists in the Trinity Gallery for Arkansas Artists each find inspiration from nature and use their chosen medium to express it.

Stylistically, Don Marr describes his art as being of two genres: Romantic Realism and Seriocomic Surrealism. He says that nature and landscape are the heart and soul of his work.

Cade weaves, spins, dyes and felts the natural fabrics she uses in her textile “paintings.” She takes pride that her work cannot be reproduced by machines and says, “I think truth comes from the observation of nature.”

Fran Otten is a watercolorist with a vibrant yet controlled palette applied to her larger-than-life-sized botanical subjects.

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