201307 Jason A. Smith: Stills

201307 Jason A. Smith: Stills

July 12, 2013

Second Floor Gallery
July 12 through September 8, 2013

This exhibit features a collection of still life paintings by Little Rock artist Jason Smith. Smith uses broad brushwork and a limited, five-color palette to give freshness and unity to his work. For his still life compositions, Smith uses objects he has owned and found intriguing over the years and arranges them to make up broad symbolic narratives. “The stories are not always clear to me initially,” he says, “but after weeks of painting the objects, new insights will arise and meaning will form."

Smith resides in Little Rock and received a B.A. in Studio Art from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He was won awards for his work, including Best of Show at the Fine Art Center of Hot Springs Regional Competition. He has exhibited in several local venues, including Gallery 26, the Arkansas Studies Institute and the Terry Mansion.

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Jason A. Smith: Stills