2019-12-13 In the Garden

2019-12-13 In the Garden

Dec. 13, 2019

In this collaborative exhibit, Northwest Arkansas artists Danny R. W. Baskin and Lee Byers investigate the cycle of beginning and end, the literal and metaphorical processes of birth, death, and (re)birth, and the indeterminate spaces between them. Through the language of visual art, Baskin and Byers reference complex themes related to memory and loss – of home, family, innocence, and creative fellowship. Baskin’s soft sculptures and wall pieces simultaneously evoke humor and sadness, while Byers’ paintings use bright, almost saccharine colors as a foil for mourning.

As cofounders of FEAST gallery, Baskin and Byers strive to establish a holistic community art practice that includes curated feasts, handmade food, welcoming conversations, and all manner of creative activities.

On exhibit in the Trinity Gallery for Arkansas Artists through Sunday, March 1, 2020.


Image: Deer at Night by Danny R. W. Baskin. Fabric, mdf, ceramics, gouache, lamp parts.

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