201708 Hidden Treasure: Selected Gala Fund Purchases

201708 Hidden Treasure: Selected Gala Fund Purchases

Sept. 8, 2017

The Candlelight Gala is a biennial fundraising event hosted by the Historic Arkansas Museum Foundation Board. Money raised by the Gala is used to purchase Arkansas Made art and objects for the museum’s permanent collection. Fundraising efforts from past Galas have saved hundreds of objects of Arkansas’s creative and cultural legacy.

Featuring selected objects acquired with Gala Funds, this exhibit celebrates the dedicated patronage that enables Historic Arkansas Museum to continue protecting and preserving Arkansas’s heritage. Find hidden treasure in this exhibit including the pioneering work of Regionalist Thomas Hart Benton, wood carving by eccentric folk artist Rupert Kreider, early Arkansas portraiture by painter Henry Byrd, glimpses of war by watercolorist Jacob Semiatin, and 19th‑century storage containers by potter John Welch.

Image: Leinad Speers Byrd by Henry Bryd. Oil on canvas, c. 1855. Gala Fund Purchase.

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Hidden Treasure: Selected Gala Fund Purchases