201801Going Unnoticed: Dustyn Bork and Carly Dahl

201801Going Unnoticed: Dustyn Bork and Carly Dahl

Jan. 12, 2018

Husband and wife duo Dustyn Bork and Carly Dahl are movers and shakers on the Arkansas art scene. Though the two create art independently, they share some of the same aesthetic interests, as well as the occasional stencil or pattern in a print. Both artists studied printmaking in college and that background still influences the work they produce.

Bork’s work defies easy classification, transitioning seamlessly between processes found in printmaking, painting, and drawing. He plays with form, using color, pattern, and careful layering to draw attention to structures and textures that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Dahl also uses pattern and color in her work, though her inspiration is likely to come from an advertisement in a fashion magazine. Dahl’s pieces focus on conceptual concerns related to unattainable representations of women in society. Careful attention to surface reveals nuances of process, such as printmaking, painting and drawing.

This exhibit continues in the SECOND FLOOR GALLERY through April 8, 2018

Images: Projection No. 1 by Carly Dahl (right); Shape No. 1 by Dustyn Bork (left).

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Going Unnoticed: Dustyn Bork and Carly Dahl