201708 Danny Campbell and Winston Taylor

201708 Danny Campbell and Winston Taylor

Aug. 8, 2017

Before a life-changing car accident in which an eighteen-wheeler blew a tire and the spinning tread of that tire narrowly missed killing him, Danny Campbell’s artwork was fairly traditional. After that moment on the road, though, he was a man on a mission to remove bits of tire tread, car bumpers, shattered grilles, and other debris from nearby highways. Soon after, he realized he might be able to make something interesting from the stuff he was collecting. Years later, Danny still drives hundreds of miles each week collecting material for his artwork. He has a personal relationship with the found objects he uses to produce wall-mounted and free-standing sculptures; he hopes to transform what would otherwise be dangerous trash into expressive, beautiful compositions. Campbell holds an MFA from Howard University and an MA in Education Leadership from Charleston Southern University. He is chairman of the Department of Art and Design at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

Winston Taylor, named 2011 Arkansas Living Treasure for pottery, has been elbow-deep in clay since his student days at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in the 1970s. His passion for pottery went full-time in 1990 when Winston and his family moved to Russellville so Taylor could organize the first pottery program for the Arkansas River Valley Arts Center. Since that time, Winston Taylor has grown into an accomplished master of his craft. His wheel-thrown vessels seem impossibly thin-walled, and their (often hand-built) geometrical tops perfectly complement the rounded bases. Viewed together, each vessel and top becomes a single, minimal shape, graceful in its simplicity. In his most recent work, Taylor experiments with labyrinth designs. Unlike a maze, which is meant to befuddle, a labyrinth has only one path; no matter where you turn, you will never get lost. Winston Taylor lives in Russellville, Arkansas, and teaches pottery at the Arkansas River Valley Arts Center. He is represented by M2 Gallery in Little Rock.

Danny Campbell and Winston Taylor continues in the TRINITY GALLERY FOR ARKANSAS ARTISTS through November 5, 2017.


Garden Series-Blue Pinus Americana by Danny Campbell (left); Horsehair-fired, stone-polished earthenware vessel by Winston Taylor (right)



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Danny Campbell and Winston Taylor