200501 Arkansas Made

200501 Arkansas Made

January 13, 2005

January 13 through August 21, 2005 Horace C. Cabe Gallery

Discover Arkansas portraits, furniture, silver, art pottery, as well as rare historical photographs and much more. The exhibit features HistoricrkansasMuseum’s premier collection of Arkansas-made decorative, mechanical and fine arts.

One piece of the collection on display is a portrait of John Peay Hammond and his dog Bounce (right) painted by Henry Byrd in 1856. The young boy refused to have his portrait painted without his favorite companion, his dog Bounce. Family history states that John died soon after this portrait was made and his dog died longing for his beloved boy.

Another item feature in the exhibit is a beautifully inlaid parquetry table (left). Made by Samuel Gibbs French in 1854, the eight-pointed star design is similar to motifs commonly used in Arkansas-pieced quilts.

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