2020-07-10 Split Infinity

2020-07-10 Split Infinity

Looking at the work of artist Spencer Purinton feels like peering into a keyhole to catch a glimpse into a vibrant, other world, where ambiguous forms coil and writhe and crash. Split Infinity features flat, graphic paintings with layers of dynamic movement.

Purinton pulls visual references from a variety of sources, including French and American comics, Japanese anime, cartoons, and Pop Art. These familiar images inspire abstractions of his own invention and are transformed through cropping, collage, and color. By alluding to recognizable styles, Purinton creates accessible images that invite viewers to dig through the layers to find meaning. His circular compositions swirl chaotically and his square canvases feel like comic book panels with indecipherable but action-packed narratives.

Spencer Purinton is a self-taught artist who lives in El Dorado, Arkansas with his wife and children. His artwork has been featured in the Delta Exhibition at the Arkansas Arts Center and won best in show at the South Arkansas Arts Center Juried Exhibition.

Image: Daedalus’ Lament

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Split Infinity: Work by Spencer Purinton