2019 soothSAY

2019 soothSAY

Sept. 13, 2019

The exhibit title, soothSAY, recalls the character in history and literature who claims to have the power to see the future and believes in her ability to influence events that have not yet occurred. Like modern-day soothsayers, artists in the Culture Shock Art Collective are dreamers of new material realities and makers of worlds. Each artist draws inspiration from a unique personal well, but the members of Culture Shock are united by the alchemy of creation – the transformative process that occurs when raw materials are combined in ways that transcend their original purposes.

Founded in 2013 in order to expand the networking and exhibition opportunities for women artists in Arkansas, the Culture Shock Art Collective is composed of a diverse group of women artists who holds regular studio critiques, presents panel discussions, and exhibits artwork at venues all over the state. Current members of Culture Shock include Melissa Cowper-Smith, Tessa Davidson, Melissa Gill, Louise Halsey, Tammy Harrington, Dawn Holder, Holly Laws, Sandra Luckett, Jessica Mongeon, and Rachel Trusty.

The exhibit continues in the Trinity Gallery for Arkansas Artists through December 6, 2019.


Image: Get High by Melissa Cowper-Smith, 2019.



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