Suggin Territory: The Marvelous World of Folklorist Josephine Graham

Historic Arkansas Museum - Thursday, April 09, 2015

Arkansas Made Gallery

Josephine Graham (1915-1999) a.k.a. “Josus,” was a celebrated artist and folklorist of Arkansas’s White River culture. Her “Suggin” folk paintings depict the Depression-era folk history of the White River region.Though professionally trained as a painter at Columbia University, Graham’s paintings are intentionally primitive in style, inspired by the stories and lives of “Suggins,” a playful term she used in reference to the people living along the White River.

Through more than twenty exhibitions, over 100 paintings, and a self-published cookbook, she shared the wonder and charm of her native region with the world. Graham was a founding member of the Mid-Southern Watercolorists and founder of the Suggin Folklife Society.

The exhibition continues through November 29, 2015