From the Collection: Painting of Albina Lyon

Historic Arkansas Museum - Sunday, May 17, 2015

This charming painting by Henry Byrd of young Albina Lyon (1846-1871) is one of three portraits of her family hanging in the gallery exploring the Civil War in Arkansas (or the real part of the Reel to Real exhibit that also features memorabilia from Gone with the Wind).

Albina Lyon (1846-1871) by Henry Byrd

Albina was born in Champagnolle, Arkansas (now El Dorado), to Richard and Mary Lyon. Both her father and her future husband served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Her father never returned.

Children in households with men at war performed extra chores that the men normally would have done. The war also spilled over into their playtime, with many waging mock battles, playing with toy rifles and marching with drums. Some of these items can be seen in the exhibit, Playing at War: Children’s Civil War Era Toys.

At 18, Albina married Lt. Romulus Lamkin and together they had two sons (one died in infancy). In 1871, Albina died at the age of 25, suffering from tuberculosis.
Albina Lyon (1846-1871)
by Henry Byrd
c. 1850
Oil on canvas
Gift of Betty West
Accession No.: 98.51.1