Arkansawyers Blog Series: Introduction

Historic Arkansas Museum - Sunday, August 09, 2020

What makes Arkansas, Arkansas?

As part of the Arkansas Arts Center’s 62nd Annual Delta Exhibition, Brian Lang, Chief Curator of the AAC, asked Historic Arkansas Museum to create a themed grouping of artworks from this year’s Delta selections. It didn’t take long for our curators to decide on a theme for our Delta grouping: Arkansawyers! Because Historic Arkansas Museum focuses on the collection and exhibition of objects produced by Arkansas artists and craftspeople, our staff frequently thinks about what it means to call this place home. In the past as well as the present, Arkansas’s quirky charm, unique experiences, and diverse people contribute to the cultural richness of living and creating in this state.

See HAM’s Delta exhibition grouping here:

From Monday, August 10th through Friday August 14th, we will release a multi-part blog series examining the same theme, Arkansawyers, but viewed through the lens of ten objects from HAM’s own Arkansas Made collection. Follow Historic Arkansas Museum on Facebook to join us as we reflect on what makes Arkansas, Arkansas.