2nd Friday Heart Night: 3 Reasons why 2FAN is a Great Date

Historic Arkansas Museum - Thursday, February 08, 2018


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, February's 2nd Friday Art Night will have an especially romantic feel to it. As of late, conversation at HAM has been about how great museum dates are, but also why it’s not more of a thing? It seems like a great opportunity to have a very unique date. Regardless of how you define the relationship, here are three reasons why you should consider making 2FAN your next date.

1. It’s a great first date: The traditional date can be a bit intimidating for some — sitting at a table for two, trying your best to be charming and interesting. Even for someone who is charming and interesting, it can be a lot of unwanted pressure. What’s great about Art Night at HAM is that the attention doesn’t always have to be on each other. Bounce around the galleries, listen to the live band, mingle with guests in the atrium — consider the ice broken.

2. It’s different: Does “drinks?” seem a bit too familiar? Sure, there is nothing wrong with meeting up at a bar, but people too often rely on this as the go-to/default casual meet up. You really have to diversify your date portfolio because novelty is important. Change things up and add a trip to the museum — it still has that touch of casual, but with undertones of romantic.

3. It’s sophisticated: “Meet me downtown for 2nd Friday Art Night,” is a very polished statement and we should all use it more! The event has all the elements of a refined evening: art, wine, artisan beer, live music. Let that person beside you know that you have a little depth, because culture is important, right?

Need more encouragement for joining us tomorrow night? Once in the galleries, you’ll notice little conversation starters next to some of the pieces. These are our “conversation hearts” and they are there to help you prime the discussion. See you at 2FAN!