Collaboration: To and Fro


Girl with Chick by SulacSulac
Collaboration: To and Fro

Second Floor Gallery

June 10 through August 3, 2008

Opening reception on June 13, 5 – 8 pm, in conjunction with 2nd Friday Art Night

This exhibit features work by Sulac as well as his collaborations with other local artists, such as Kathy Strause, David Jukes and Kevin Kerby. Sulac is a local artist with a compulsion to be creative.  He doesn’t limit his work in subject matter, material, concept, or inspiration. Often using markers, crayons, string, cardboard or any and every medium that is most readily on hand, his images are foremost whimsical, charming and haphazard scenes of humanity and nature.  By using these materials, Sulac’s work challenges the norms of the art world and makes works of art accessible to the masses.