11th Ever Nog-off Winners Announced!

Historic Arkansas Museum - Monday, December 14, 2015

And the winners of the 11th Ever Nog-off are...Drumroll please...

People's Choice Eggnog

Rock City Eggnog
Ken Dempsey and Greg Henderson of Rock City Eats and Rock Town Distillery

Not Your Great, Great, Great Grandfather's Eggnog

Highland Island Beer Nog
Paul Karwick and Keith Reed, Heritage Grille, Steak and Fin & Theron Cash and Ian Beard, Stone's Throw Brewing

Tasters' Choice
Egg Xtra Nog
John Selig and Leah Elenzweig

Congratulations to our winners who have out-nogged the others and earned bragging rights until next year!

Thank you to all who participated, whipped, tasted, judged, ladled, got retired....and nogged!

And thanks to our Celebrity Tasters: Capi Peck, Scott McGehee and Marcella Dalla Rosa!

Here are some of our favorite comments on each nog:

Rock City Eggnog
"Mad Good!"

Nicholas Peay's Eggog
"The only one. The one & only. The holy grail of eggnogs.”

Egg Xtra Nog
"What’s not to like?”

Capital Egg Nog
"Beautifully concocted"

Bourbon Eggnog Ice Cream
"It’s delicious & nutritious, like mom makes!"

Highland Island Beer Nog
“Excellent flavor. A great surprise!”

Spiced Cognac Nog
"Damn that’s hot! The best eggnog ever!"

And one write-in vote for our volunteer bartenders!

Many, many thanks again for a fun and festive kick-off to the holiday season!