Bennett, Swannee

Swannee Bennett

Interim Director and Chief Curator
 email      501.324.9395
Korenblat, Ellen

Ellen Korenblat

Director of Community Engagement
 email      501.324.9304
Spione, Tricia

Tricia Spione

Director of Volunteers and Membership
 email      501.324.9305
Buckingham, Lark

Lark Buckingham

 email      501.324.9385
James, Paige

Paige James

Museum Store Manager
 email      501.324.9620
Linson, Joleen

Joleen Linson

Education Coordinator
 email      501.324.9342
Stevenson, Sherry

Sherry Stevenson

Public Use Coordinator
 email      501.324.9302
Uptigrove, Donna

Donna Uptigrove

Curator of Exhibits
 email      501.324.9701
Ward, Barbara

Barbara Ward

Programs Coordinator
 email      501.324.9341
Zawacki, Andy

Andy Zawacki

Museum Object Conservator
 email      501.324.9343